Teamwork and Telecommuting

Thanks to more and more people wanting to live a more balanced life, telecommuting has become pretty commonplace nowadays. Nobody would have ever thought it possible, but it has become one of the more popular setups and, if anything, has been instrumental in improving productivity. There’s been a lot of buzz about how this allows people to concentrate better on their work and achieve more, as opposed to being in the office and getting distracted by other coworkers and having to go to meetings regularly, which totally leaves little to no room to getting some real work done.

If telecommuting is fairly common in your particular company, then you have to realize that you would still need to work on your teamwork. Teamwork can become an issue for a telecommuting company because for one thing, the people aren’t present in the workplace, making it difficult to coordinate and strategize as well as to be able to work together. That’s why it’s important for you to pay careful attention to this in your office.

One of the things that telecommuters might have trouble with is the lack of a sense of belonging Cheap Accutane in the company. This can be improved by making sure that telecommuters meet at least once a week in an informal setting, or at the office but with a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. Be sure that this is time well spent for the telecommuters and for you as well. Alternatively, you might also want to schedule some social activities every month, be it an outdoor activity, a picnic, or even just a dinner so they’re kept in the loop with everyone else.

Even with all the options for communication, the ability to communicate and convey ideas with the rest of the group also suffers. Your in-office employees and telecommuters may be communicating online through chat, e-mail, or voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), but some things aren’t as easily explained through such media. Calling for twice a month meetings to get everyone up to speed would be a good idea. Just make sure that these are absolutely essential meetings, such as when you need to plan and strategize for a new project or deal with any emergencies in a project.

Telecommuting definitely has its major advantages. But you should also learn how to work around its other disadvantages, such as the lack of face time with colleagues. That is why it is important for you to ensure that teamwork is constantly fostered among your employees.

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